Whitney Frazier // Creative Director

Whitney Frazier is an interdisciplinary artist, mother and educator with a community based public art practice in Baltimore, MD. She completed her BA in Painting, MA and MFA in Community Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). In 2019, she created WGF Studio, a community engaged public art business based in Baltimore. Since 2002, Frazier has intentionally worked with diverse groups of people to implement community focused, concept driven public art projects that lead to relationship building, new resources for neighborhoods and bringing to life the shared vision of community leaders. Her work pushes the boundaries of what “public art” looks like by celebrating the unique cultures and site-specific needs of each community and by providing vibrant, bold and creative skills in design, painting, visual storytelling and outdoor placemaking.

WGF Studio culture is built upon the following foundational values:

Creativity is a superpower. 

We explore new thoughts, expressions and art forms because a better world will require new means and ends.

All people can contribute. 

We pursue and welcome ideas, skills and valuable critical thought from any person.

We are better together. 

We work with others to achieve more with self awareness of our strengths and our weaknesses.

We are bold. We are vibrant. We are prepared.

We welcome challenges, they are the gifts that make us better. We add energy to interactions and spaces. We craft plans as they allow us to imagine the path to success and the circumstances that will inevitably try to stop us.

We use systems to be more creative.

We develop processes that allow us to free mental space and time so that our best energy goes to the challenge of creating something out of nothing.

We communicate.

We think, listen, speak and work through the difficult self-made and unexpected circumstances of delivering impactful projects.

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