Whitney Frazier is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living in Baltimore City, MD.  She completed her BA in Painting, MA and MFA in Community Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).  Since 2002, Frazier has been active in community arts throughout Baltimore City.

Over the past five years Frazier has worked in partnership with the Neighborhood Design Center and other community organizations to raise funds for several outdoor mural projects and play spaces. Recent mural projects include a series of murals on the T. Rowe Price campus that represented their core values—interconnectivity, integrity and ethics; and a collaborative project at Darley Park (East Baltimore) involving local residents in a series of design workshops for place-making in more than 20 abandoned lots in the area.  The workshops included designing an interactive, multi-use performing arts amphitheater.

Currently, Frazier has been commissioned to create several largescale abstract murals. She works as an adjunct professor and advisor at MICA and the Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School, raises her daughter, and advocates for arts in Baltimore schools. Whether she is creating murals, videos or performances, Frazier believes that collaborative arts can transform lives and strengthen our communities.

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